A few questions arise more often than others.
Here you can find answers to a few of them.

Where can I pick up the car? You can choose to pick up the car at the airport or at our office. Picking up the car at the airport costs additional 4000Isk or approximately 25Eur. If you choose to pick the car up at our office, we provide a free shuttle from the airport to our office from 16:00 – 23:00.

Why is Airport Car Rental much cheaper than other car rentals? Our cars are around 10 years old. They are very well maintained and thoroughly inspected by the Icelandic authorities each year. This gives us the opportunity to give our customers the cheapest car rental price in Iceland.

What if the car breaks down? We at Airport Car Rental have service partners all over the country, so if there is a minimum breakdown your car will be fixed ASAP. If the car totally breaks down or you have an accident, we will replace the car with a new one.

Are additional drivers allowed without extra charge?
see www.airportcarrental.is   . All intended drivers must be over 21 and must show a valid drivers license when the car is picked up.

Are safety seats for children available?
Yes. see www.airportcarrental.is    we will provide you with a car seat for a child.

Is off road driving allowed in Iceland?
No! We need to be very clear on this point. Even though some parts around the south coast have sands that in some places could withstand off road driving, most parts of the country are covered in moss and other very slow growing plants and it can take years, even decades for the scars to disappear.
The authorities are getting increasingly strict on these laws and do not hesitate to claim damages from off road drivers.

Can I choose at which time I pick up the car?