Summer bookings starting well

Special prices also on rooms, 7900 iskr.  Dbl room, in Feb. Mars, April and May 2014

We might have good prices for you. But our cars are older. We have auto transmission and manual, diesel jeeps and gasoline, small and big, 11 people Econline Van. see

We also provide offers , just send email to ,

Check out our prices, it includes all taxes and fees and please compare us with other rentals.  See options for insurances.

The price list at Fit CarRental has been updated!

Check out the web for detailed and booking information.

You will hopefully find the car rental price that we have cheap. We would like to thank our customers for visiting Iceland!    Cheap car rental prices is our goal for tourists in Iceland because that gives more people opportunity to visit us.

Pick up location is at Fithostel at address:   Fitjabraut 6b , 260 Njardvik 5 min from Airport.  see google map.

The car fleet is growing with the customer base and we look forward to an excellent summer with our customers.

All prices include; unlimited mileage and CDW,  insurances.

We want to ask people to compare us ,with any car rental in Iceland, we want to offer the best price and so far as we have investigated , we do.

Car rental is a big part of vacation cost, so we try to keep prices low.

Take our free shuttle , see details on the left on page

Don’t forget to check out our prices they are supposed to be the best, as well as our accommodation services, Fit Hostel and Fit Guesthouses!

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