Summer bookings starting well

Special prices also on rooms, 7900 iskr.  Dbl room, in Feb. Mars, April and May 2014
We might have good prices for you. But our cars are older. We have auto transmission and manual, diesel jeeps and gasoline, small and big, 11 people Econline Van. see

We also provide offers , just send email to ,       [...]

We are live!

Check out our prices,   go to for details and bookings.

Note: Those prices are winter prices

You will hopefully find the best deals that you have seen so far.    We would like to thank our customers for a warm welcome as summer bookings are pouring in!

The car fleet is growing with the customer [...]

Fit Car Rental is on the way! for an excellent hostel in Keflavik, Iceland for, of course, an excellent guesthouse in Reykjavik, Iceland and in Keflavik.